Senior Pictures

It's finally here! a year all about YOU and all the AMAZING things you do!  and what better way to celebrate than to get some STUNNING senior portraits to share with your friends and family?!?!

You are AWESOME! you can talk and walk, your smile brightens the room and your eyes twinkle with excitement, you may not know it yet, but your potential is limitless.....and it NEEDS to be celebrated

Friends and family love you and all those things you do, and I want to help you share that with the world.  From announcements to thank yous, albums to collages, let me help find the perfect collection of heirloom artwork to display your qualities making you, the authentic you.

Varsity Sports, Team Captains, First Chair in Band, Drum Major, Internships, working during the summer, learning to drive, volunteering in our community, applying to colleges; Look at you go!

You started out so tiny, grabbing everything within your reach and trying to put it in your mouth, and now you are a gorgeous and glowing Senior!

Your senior pictures are the best way to show off everything all of your achievements, interests, and everything that makes you irreplaceable and unique.

Senior pictures are the fashion shoot all about you.  From high end fashion, your athletic uniform and number, to your favorite shirt and jeans, each look we create together will help your friends and family cherish your smile, style, success.  To prepare for your portrait session I sit with you and discuss the important places, people, and activities in your life which have shaped you into the glowing senior you are.  Your consultation helps me create a unique session for you unlike any other.  We will also work together to identify which products will be perfect for you to show off and share - albums, wall portraits, wallets, social media apps and slideshows, invites, announcements, thank you's- and I will ensure throughout your senior portrait session I shoot the images for each product.

I cannot wait to meet you and hear about all the great things you have accomplished from birth through high school.  Click here to start the process for your senior portraits



  • 3 locations
  • up to 3 outfits at each location
  • 4 hours of coverage


  • 2 locations
  • up to 3 outfits at each location
  • 2 hours of coverage


  • 1 location
  • up to 3 outfits
  • 1 hour of coverage


Action Session

 For the performer, athlete or musician, let me capture you at your best, doing what you love.

Family Session

   Let your family in on the fun, and capture this time before you go on to your next adventure

Sibling Session

   Share this special time with your siblings, be goofy, play around, and give them something special to remember you with

Additional Hour

   add on an additional hour of photographic coverage and images with your session.  Can be with any location or outfits