About Michelle

Well Hello Hello.

  I am so stoked you decided to stop on by to learn a little more about me and my photography. 

  I live in Mifflinburg, PA with Jiminy Bear and Cricket (my Australian Cattle Dogs), and Flora and Merryweather (my duckies).  Yes, they are all named after Disney characters.  I have lived all over the country from South Dakota, Colorado, New York, Texas, and Missouri.

  I have been involved in SLR photography for over 15 years.  I learned on black and white film, and spent days developing in the darkroom.  I moved to a digital SLR while attending the United States Military Academy at West Point, where I photographed numerous dignitaries, sporting events, ceremonies, and worked as the photographic editor for the Howitzer, the yearbook.  I continued my photography in the military as I traveled around the world, and the country.  As my military career drew to a close I received the opportunity to pursue my passion and share the love of photography and creating memory provoking pieces as a business.

  As a military child, and a veteran, I know the importance of having images of you and your loved ones to cherish forever.  Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than seeing the family that lives there.  

 I have been so lucky to live all over the United States, and even hang out in a couple different countries, and the one consistency in my life, no matter what furniture was damaged, or the street I lived on, has been the artwork and portraits adorning my walls.  This is how I knew as a child, I was home.  This is the same comfort I have every time I walk into my parent's homes.  This is the same feeling I want to be able to share with your family, making your house feel even more like a loving home.  Helping you to cherish each and every important person and animal in your life.

So....if you want to adore your little princess or superhero, your puppies or duckies, or your family of Robots and Unicorns, reach out by clicking here . I am here for you and I am so excited to meet you.